Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering (M.Tech)

Development and widespread use of effective communication systems have converted this massively large world connect in such a manner that the whole globe seems like a small village due to high speed of interaction and information flow. Electronics plays the most important role in creating and implementing effective communication systems. Every communication system, be it be a small cell phone or a complete network operator, electronic components are everywhere. However, without adequate knowledge of electronics and communication technologies, it is not possible to build effective communication systems.

KIST – The Best MTECH College in Bhubaneswar understands this inherent bond between the two sectors and has devised a curriculum that ensures high level of technical skills and deep conceptual knowledge imparted in the minds of students. M.Tech course requires study at a deeper level along with good research work. Research improves the traits of critical thinking of student to a great extent. Thus, this Top MTECH College in Bhubaneswar has set up a panel of research experts as professors who guide and support the students in learning and research activities. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has set up research labs that are well equipped with latest equipment and machinery required to provide adequate practical exposure to the researchers. This Best MTECH College Bhubaneswar has produced a number of Post Graduate Engineers who are well settled in numerous companies and we plan to keep up the pace with regular improvements in all aspects.

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