Computer Science & Engineering

In the present century, we no longer look at remote areas of the globe to be unreachable points. Global automation system that have emerged with the advent and development of computers have connected people and organizations in such a manner that communications are processed in no time. …Read More

Electrical Engineering (Power Engineering & Energy System)

Power and energy systems research emphasizes all aspects of electrical energy, innovation in energy generation and delivery, alternative resources, and efficient devices. Research projects address systems and devices for the conversion, delivery, and use of energy in electrical form. The activity ranges from controls for large utility systems to energy harvesting devices for microsensors. …Read More

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The field of Electronics has undergone rapid changes in the recent times with fast changes in the development and expansion of different communication technologies like Internet, ISDN etc. The Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering contributed to the advent of real time application, high speed computing, data acquisition and feedback system, high speed telephony, advanced remote control system to name a few. courses have been designed in a way to integument all the above. …Read More


The Department of Nanotechnology has been recognized as one of the core competence centers for excellence in research as well as academia. Nanotechnology is an inherently interdisciplinary field and bridges physics, biology, materials science, and chemistry. It has been recently shown tremendous attention and deals with the latest developments in the various disciplines. …Read More

Thermal & Fluids Engineering

Engineers today are faced with an increasingly more demanding and competitive market, rendering services to companies that are becoming more concerned about reliability, security and the environmental impact in engineering processes. The introduction of new technologies compels to have a deep knowledge of the field of work, and also to be capable of using a wide range of analysis, measurement, modelling and designing tools. …Read More