Electronics and Telecommunication are closely related and dependent on each other. In recent decades, both sectors have merged to provide a stable telecommunication system worldwide through different communication technologies like internet, ISDN, Satellite Communication, etc. Properly established telecommunication channels have proved to be one of the most important aspect in National development for all countries. Industries are looking for multitalented persons who can work in more than one related domains thus improving the productivity, reduced timelines and better results. Being a master in these related sectors, an engineer can become the most efficient professional for an organization since he is able to handle the issue that may arises in either sector or both. The ET Engineer will be able to troubleshoot the issue faster since he has adequate knowledge of processes in both working areas.

Being the Best College for Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering in Bhubaneswar, KIST regularly look for opportunities where we can provide better courses to our students such that they are productive and workable in more than one sectors. Thus, KIST offers coupled engineering courses that aims to provide world class engineers who are compatible with both domains and can play a crucial role in making the domains work together. The department has well-equipped laboratories having sophisticated instruments and trainer kits which facilitates demonstration based learning that is easier for students to understand and remember. Some of the noticeable labs include Analog Lab, Digital Logic Lab, Electronic circuits lab, Microprocessor lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, VLSI & Embedded System Lab, etc. The department has also instituted resource laboratories with grant from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. This best out of the Top Colleges for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Bhubaneswar has also been declared as the “TECHNICAL RESOURCE CENTRE” by DST, Govt. of India.

Thus, committed to high quality technical studies, this Top College for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in Bhubaneswar have laid remarkable milestones and has been able to attract the Government and a wide range of corporate establishments.

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