Thermal and Fluids are an inherent part of the manufacturing industry wherein every machinery directly or indirectly depends on the well engineered implementation of these concepts. The concepts of this course are closely related to physics and materials science. The core concepts are extended to a greater extent wherein the working, efficiency and durability of every machine depends on how perfectly the factors were measured and taken care of while finalizing the designs. The major role of professionals emerging from this stream is to create perfect conceptual designs and rectify almost all of the issues in advance that are likely to emerge in final implementation. The aim of this program is to equip students with skills through which they can perform design analysis and implementation related to linear and non-linear heat transfer, steady and unsteady fluid flow, open channel flow, multi phase flows, fluid structure interactions and coupled field analysis.

The Masters program in Thermal and Fluids Engineering provided by the Best MTECH College in Bhubaneswar is one of the in-demand post graduate programs which assures high package in reputed companies and research industries. The institute has a pool of well qualified domain specialists having adequate knowledge and experience in using the latest equipment for implementing concepts in real situation. The Best MTECH College Bhubaneswar has well established laboratories equipped with latest gadgets where students enjoy limitless access to the machinery at their comfort. Students are encouraged to submit research proposals which are reviewed by a panel of experts with necessary inputs required to start the work. The faculty always looks for opportunities to help out students in their research work so that they are able to gain more knowledge and implement the same in their career and succeed.

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