The present century is the witness of global automation that has been revolutionized by the emergence and wide spread use of computers in all commercial and personal divisions of our society. From scientifically used large super computers to personally used little smartphone lying in our pockets, computers mark their presence everywhere. There is no stream of any working sector that still executes any of its processes without computer systems. Cheaper hardware with enhanced capacities has encouraged more people to come forward and develop new technologies and software which can make full use of the hardware capabilities available. Ranging from developing a layout structure of computer internals to compiler and operating system design, computer engineers play the most crucial role everywhere.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2002 in KIST campus – The Best Computer Science Engineering College in Bhubaneswar. The departments explored and understood the demands of present industrial scenario and designed the curriculum in such a way that every concept taught and practical executed adheres to the standards and processes followed by expert professionals. The faculty of this department is highly qualified and well skilled having years of industrial experience with exposure on a wide range of technologies. Among the Top Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar, with the vision of producing industry-ready professionals KIST offers best in the class infra, facilities and computers with latest hardware configurations and all required software so that students do not lad behind in any required technology. The department offers excellent Laboratory facilities having more than 450 P-IV with 15 ” TFT/LCD multimedia latest computers. All desktop are powered by International branded very high ranges online DSP UPS, High End Server packed machines such as IBM-NAS,IBM-AMD operator, IBM e Server, IBM X-series provides the support for DNS, NFS, Gateway, Linux, Windows, Unit ERP,ELX , Gateway server 3.0,ELX -VWM and four ELX power server 2.0.Sun Solaris applications caters the actual needs of the students and staffs. Dedicated STPI soft radio links Internet Facilities is provided for all students and staff.

This Best Computer Science Engineering College Bhubaneswar also has a proven record of high academic achievement and placement in the topmost companies like Accenture. To facilitate quality training with real-time exposure to current trends, this top Computer Science Engineering College Bhubaneswar has signed MOU with various Companies including INFOSYS.

The Department of Computer Science is also engaged in Quality research & education and services required to educate the next generations of leaders. In addition to academic and practical exposure, the department also focuses on personality development of students by encouraging them to present their papers on various technical topics in different institutions in and outside India wherein full guidance and support is provided by the department faculty. The department regularly organizes National level Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Research activities for the benefits of both students and faculty.
KIST is also known as the Best College for Information Technology in Bhubaneswar.

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