KIST is adequately equipped with well designed WIRE-LESS laboratories of more than 350 P-IV 15″TFT/LCD multimedia latest Computers.All PCs are loaded with life time licensed ELX Power Desktop 5.0 comprises of 100 advanced softwares. All PCs are properly powered by international branded very high range online DSP UPS and high end Server packed machines such as IBM Multicore /Multiprocessor,SAN,IBM NAS,IBM NAS,IBM AMD Opteron,IBM e-server,IBM X-series .these high-end computers provides the solution for the database,Application based web server,FTP Server DNS,NFS,Gateway.Four ELX Power servers 2.0,ELX VMW, Sun Solaris Applications to cater the actual needs of the student & staffs.

4Mbps OFC Leased line (BSNL) and 16 Mbps Broadband link internet facilities is provided for all the students and staffs.The Students are exposed to present their papers on various technical topics in different institutions in india and abroad.The Students are allowed to gain knowledge on Hardware maintenance ,Troubleshooting,AUTOCAD,MATLAB,XML and J2EE, .net platform,Web designing and many more.