Department Of Electrical Engineering (Power Engineering & Energy System)

In the century, we are witnessing an era of computing and communication that are operated only after proper provision of electricity. Any gadget, machinery, equipment cannot work until it gets adequate proper supply. The Electrical system of any nation thus, enjoys great importance and comes out to be one of the most crucial aspects in national development. Being one of the Top MTECH Colleges in Bhubaneswar, KIST understands the growing demand of skilled Electrical Engineers in both government and private sectors. For shouldering the burden of grooming bright electro-technocrats the department of Electrical Engineering at KIST is making every sort of sincere effort to contribute in this direction.

In the Electrical Engineering Department of KIST – the Top MTECH College in Bhubaneswar, a state of the art modern laboratory equipped with all the necessary machineries, well experienced teachers with a strong motto of ‘students’ all round development contributes in wholesome’. In order to keep our learning processes and practical updated according to recent trends, our course curriculum has been thoroughly revised and redesigned on regular basis. The department offers master of Power engineering courses with student intakes of 18. The postgraduate course offers several elective courses on advanced topics on power generation, transmission and distribution, besides offering several interdisciplinary papers related to power engineering. The department has also provisioned adequate research labs where professors having vast research experience share their knowledge and impart quality research knowledge in students. The students are taught every single concept with deep understanding and are also encouraged to devise new ideas and implementations that can mark major improvements and participate in further development of the society.

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