The society we live in today is the outcome of a long series of small and big researches conducted by numerous researches in previous centuries. Every decade and generation witness some new concepts and implementations which are refined or recreated in a new way by every new generation. Every human being has a mind full of creative thoughts which he can nurture by working on it deeply along with adequate core information gathered and produced by the ancestor generations. The need is to combine your ideas with the already available information, put in some dedicated effort and move on the path towards new success. However, blind efforts with the lack of adequate information and support can result in just time wastage. So, it is very experienced professionals who can act as guide and help you move towards the right goal in the right direction.

Research work is one of the striking features that has been conducted in KIST since day one of our establishment. In long years of learning and training, we have been able to guide numerous students towards research work. A lot of students have worked on quality projects which are able to reflect the real life implementations and have also proposed several improvements to the existing concepts that when implemented can be of great value and use for our society. We feel proud to mention that all our departments are actively involved in research work and that too with self enthusiasm. In order to further enhance our research quality and keep up the pace, we have also partnered with reputed research and development institutions. Our students and faculty are regularly involved in quality research activities. In the department of Mechanical Engineering, a project entitled “Bulk nano composite for automobile parts” is also funded by NALCO, Govt. of India with a joint collaboration of IIT Kharagpur and KIST. A patent application has also been filed for this project. The department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering also has a research lab recognized as the “Technical Resource Centre” by DST, Govt. of India. This Top Engineering College Bhubaneswar has a long list of proven research work that has been recognized by reputed organizations.