The global development and emergence of new technologies is changing from bigger components to components of very small size which is now known as nano – a new metric for measurement. The world wideincreasing demand of rapid flow of heavy information accompanied with smaller devices has laid a requirement for developing components which can be measured on nano scales, thus devices can become smaller and more powerful. This has resulted in the outcome of new trend known as Nano Technology. Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. Nanotechnology is an inherently interdisciplinary field and bridges physics, biology, materials science, and chemistry. It has been recently shown tremendous attention and deals with the latest developments in the various disciplines such as Material Science, Micro(Nano) electronics, Manufacturing of miniaturized electronic and optical devices, quantum computing, Computational Nanotechnology, Nanomechanical engineering & sensors, Nanolithography & Nanointerface engineering, Nanomagnetism etc.

KIST – one of the Best MTECH Colleges Bhubaneswar, being committed to produce professionals of future, has started the Department of Nanotechnology that has been recognized as one of the core competence centres for excellence in research as well as academia. The department has appointed professors who have vast exposure to the concepts of nano-technology along with exposure to the level of expertise required to develop such components. The department of this Best MTECH College in Bhubaneswar has also established research laboratories that are well equipped with latest hardware and software required to teach the concepts of nano-technology well in depth. Also, the department inspires students to develop new concepts and implementations with the target of achieving higher success rate for themselves and their nation. Practical problems along with their solutions are planned in compliance with the industry standards and expert professors provide exposure and learning on these problems to students in state of the art laboratories. Faculty also provides complete guidance and support to the students in their research and presentation work.

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