With the advancement of technology, education is getting more practical than theoretical. Students are more interested in learning by the way of experiments. Various Research and Development projects are undertaken by the students to showcase their innovations and talents. Education institutes such as colleges are adding various Research and Development projects in their regular academic curriculum. Colleges are conducting various seminars, workshops, industrial visits, and expert session from time to time to support students in the way of their innovative projects.

Same initiative was taken Konark Institute of Science & Technology of Bhubaneswar, Odhisa .Executives from various industries visited to KIST campus in the month February, 2016. The executives appreciated the quality of work that students are performing in the Research and Development centre. Various queries relating to the projects of students were solved by the executives. The executives guided the students about the latest technologies in the industries such as nuclear power, digitalisation, solar powers etc. Also, students got the platform to showcase their innovation and research. This step of linking the research and development projects of students with the executives of industries is a great step in the career building of students.

Colleges are putting all efforts in preparing the students as per the requirement of the industries. Various workshops in regard to personality development are conducted for the students as well the counsellors of the college. A meet was conducted in the Konark Institute of Science & Technology, where special sessions were given to the counsellors of the college about the industrial requirements. The session was given by the experts of the industries who shared the valuable points in regard to type of candidate the industries are looking for now a day. They told the various techniques for the personality development of students and methods for preparing them for industrial placements.

These steps of conducting Research and Development projects and personality sessions are very helpful in creating the leaders for the country. Also, by this students are getting more technologically advanced and updated.