Civil Engineering act as the foundation for establishment and settlement of a society. Civil Engineering plays a crucial role in the core of every other branch. This stream deals with designing and creating small scale to large scale structures, highways, water and drainage systems and numerous other tasks which provide basic accommodation facilities to machinery, staff, moving vehicles etc. With the rapid development and industrial revolution, demands have increased for setting up buildings that have unique and creative designs. Civil Engineers plays an important role in filling up long distances by linking the distant locations through highways, railways and bridge networks. Building up structures and roads in hilly areas, digging underground tunnels, setting up oil drills are some of the challenges that civil engineers face on regular basis. Such challenging projects required engineering expertise along with creativity and instant problem solving skills to complete the works within timelines along with desired efficiency and robustness.

KIST, being the Best Civil Engineering College in Bhubaneswar, has provisioned ample of instruments required to impart practical knowledge in the minds of students. Well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty makes keen efforts to ensure deep understanding of concepts among the career aspirants. Students are provided hands on experience on all the instruments by conducting in field experiments rather than just teaching in classroom. Tasks are assigned to the group of students and their outcomes are compared and best approaches are then taught by our expert faculty. Understanding the value of lives of people, we make sure that our students collect ample of knowledge and skills so that they do not make any mistakes in the career. In recent years, our students have been placed in several reputed companies where they implemented their skills in creating appreciated designs and structures. We feel proud to mention that most of our students are in top companies and have earned success through their hard and dedicated work. With quality learning and state of art facilities, KIST heads the list of Top Civil Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar.

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