Computer Science And Engineering

The Department of Computer Science is the heart of the modern era of civilization.The department of computer science & Engg. was established in the year of 2002. …Read More

Electrical Engineering

Electricity is the key factor for a country’s socio-economic development. For shouldering the burden of grooming bright electro-technocrats the department of Electrical Engineering at KIST is making every sort of sincere efforts to contribute in this direction. …Read More

Electronics & Telecom. Engineering

The field of Electronics has undergone rapid changes in the recent times with fast changes in the development and expansion of different communication technologies like Internet, ISDN etc. …Read More

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has its own importance for all the time.It is a branch of engineering concerned with design, development and use of machines.The department has kept itself up to date with the latest development and trends in the technical field and has become the mainstay of the institution. …Read More

Civil Engineering

The department offers students a solid grounding in better utilisation of resources and greater standardisation of construction processes required by the construction industry. …Read More