KIST has been one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar offering high quality education to a large number of students since its inception. KIST understands the importance of good teachers in education system. We understand that only a qualified trainer with adequate experience and exposure can create worthy professionals for the industry. We feel that well qualified faculty lays the foundation serves as a backbone for the road of success for an institution. Being committed to our vision and promise of providing high quality education meeting industrial standards, we have provisioned best in class faculty member who are well-qualified and have vast experiences in their domains. A large pool of our faculty comprises of Ph.D holders having expertise in their domain set. Almost all of our faculty members are Master degree holders with M.Tech / M.Phil / MBA, thus making our pool a more experienced and talented one. Their proven expertise in relevant domains provides our institution a premier stand in the market.  The faculty members makes every effort to share their knowledge and impart quality education in the minds of students and making them worthy professionals for the industry. They focus on demonstrations based learning in classes as well as laboratories and spend ample of time with students during their hands-on practice sessions. Having the vision of equality, faculty feels no worries in repeating the concepts for weak students. Extra classes and separate time is offered to the student in which they can discuss their academic and other problems with the teachers and get them rectified in no time. This level of mentorship provided by the faculty sets up a deeper teacher-student relationship that goes on for long years even after a student completes his degree and lands in the market. Their efforts have carved the path of success for numerous students and have enlightened their lives with successful careers. The high quality learning provided by our faculty has taken KIST on the top of the list of Top Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar.

Sl No. Name Of Faculty Academic Qualification
1 Dr. Payodhar Padhi Ph.D.
2 Dr. V.S. Murty Ph.D.
3 Dr. A.R.Panda Ph.D.
4 Dr L.N Padhy Ph.D.
5 Dr. Nagaraju Ph.D.
6 Dr. S.K.Rath Ph.D.
7 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Rout Ph.D.
8 Dr. G.Sunpriya Acharya Ph.D.
9 Ms. Priyadarshini Mishra Ph.D.
10 Prof. Sanjay Kumar Padhi (M.Tech., Ph.D.)
11 Mrs Kabita Rani Das (M.Tech.)
12 Mr. V.H. Sankar (M.Tech.)
13 Mr. Lingaraj Panigrahi (M.Tech.)
14 Mr. Kalicharan Panda (M.Tech.)
15 Ms. Sushree sangita sethy (M.Tech.)
16 Mr. Umesh Chandra Mishra (M.Tech.)
17 Mr. Sushant Kumar Gachhayat (M.Tech.)
18 Mr. Sudipta Mohanty (M.Tech.)
19 Ms. Meenakhi Singh (M.Tech.)
20 Prof(Dr.) P.K.Khuntia Ph.D.
21 Prof. Alok kumar Pani (M.Tech.)
22 Prof. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo (M.Tech.)
23 Prof. Srinibash Swain (M.Tech.,Ph.D.)
24 Prof. Bibhudutta Das (M.Tech.)
25 Mr. Chandra Sekhar Mohanty (M.Tech.)
26 Mr. Prasant Kumar Khuntia (M.Tech.)
27 Prof. Suvendu Prasad Sahu (M.Tech.,Ph.D.)
28 Prof. Biranchi N. Das (M.Tech.,Ph.D.)
29 Prof. Bijay Kumar Sahu (M.Tech.)
30 Prof. Chandra Kanta Mishra (M.Tech.)
31 Prof. Priyadarshana Mohana (M.Tech.)
32 Prof. Banoj Kumar Panda (M.Tech.,Ph.D.)
33 Prof. Sangram Routaray (M.Tech.)
34 Mr. R.Ramakrishna (M.Tech.)
35 Mrs Saraswati Devi (,M.Phil.)
36 Prof. B.L.S Barik (M.Phil.,M.Tech.,Ph.D.)
37 Mr. Ravindra Panda (M.Sc.,Ph.D.)
38 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Mohanty M.Tech.
39 Mr Bhagban Behera M.Com,MBA
40 Mr. Raj Trivedi M.Com,MBA
41 Mr. Ramesh Chandra Nayak MTech,Phd
42 Mr. Sanjeeb Kumar Sahu (M.Sc.,M.Phil.)